Accounting Blueprint

Accounting Blueprint

We are the Accountants you have always looked for
30 years of extensive SMME experience have taught us to always go the extra mile for tax savings so that you have more cash to invest

What We Do

Our mission is to always add value with:

  • rapid and accurate bookkeeping services
  • accurate and timeous monthly returns
  • well structured financial statements for trusts and companies
  • excellent tax and estate planning for individuals, trusts and companies
  • tax compliance that will never leave you exposed
  • save you more tax that you have ever experienced
  • rapid company secretarial services

Accounting Services

Accounting Blueprint was founded in 2010 in response to a growing need for process automation in the accounting industry and led the way towards online accounting relationships with clients to avoid the time waste attached to face to face meetings. Today the world has caught up and online meetings and accounts finalisation by email is now common place.


Tax Services

Accounting Blueprint Accounts for Tax Efficiency. Everything we do is focused on reducing the scourge of income tax and freeing up resources for better investment especially offshore. Accounting Blueprint’s vision is to work rapidly through client’s accounts to understand the business well and then advise the clients on how to save tax to the bare legal minimum. The true history of taxation is part of obscured history like so many other things the public should have known all along. We also empower our clients with knowledge so that they can help rescue taxpayers from tax consultants who are no better than compliance officers for SARS.


Financial Advisory

Our 30 years of SMME experience gives us the unique edge of extensive experience in accounting, tax planning, trusts, estate planning and deceased estates, liquidations, offshore structuring, SARS settlements and NPO’s. We have seen property, traditional and new age investments like crypto assets from both sides of the desk and are streetwise. We are able to add value from a helicopter view and assist you with best in class financial advice.

Why Choose Accounting Blueprint

Accounting for Tax Savings

Our main driver is tax savings for you and your business. We disagree with supporting a corrupt, criminal government that is relentless in its ongoing theft, waste and lack of accountability over taxpayers’ hard earned money. It is betrayal of the taxpayer and high treason to the country. We will therefore go the extra mile to find legitimate tax savings for you.

We are also well insured against the extremely unlikely event of an oversight, hence great peace of mind for all parties.

SMME specialists

There is no situation we have not seen and dealt with, no client too big or too small. We understand any balance sheet in 10 minutes flat. We have helped many entrepreneurs from all demographic origins to better profitability and bullet-proofing against SARS risks.

Client privilege

Our clients come first and are treated that way purely by the service we give. Client confidentiality is a given with us.

Online Availability

Because our clients have become accustomed to online meetings, we are now available beyond regular office hours. We normally need a few days warning and ideally a pre-received agenda so that we may prepare properly.


We know what the visualized ideal scenario is for an SMME. Our ideal client makes money, pays as little tax as possible and is accumulating assets in all the risk classes both locally and internationally. Our blueprint will help you get there.

High Net Worth Individuals

Our wealthy clients can upon request, be blessed with an introduction to associates who specialise in de-risking your South African assets. This includes introductions to the best suited Family Office for you if required.


Perfection is in the eye of the beholder, but it is our mission to provide world class services to our clients within the local context and to help you grow despite business, statutory and politically inspired challenges.